From Real Life Dogs To Cartoons

Covid 19 lockdowns were  a challenge to most businesses.  

Thankfully our good friend Gilbert Simon was on hand to help us from getting too bored, with his brilliant 

cartoon series ‘The Adventures of Stanley & Wanda’. 

Gilbert is an internationally renowned cartoonist, and multitalented performer, who fell in love and created the characters based on our two beagles Stanley and Wanda.  

In 2013, he won the contest to draw the 35th album cover for the legendary Asterix & Obelix cartoon comic series entitled ‘Asterix and the Picts’. 

The Stanley Barkz cartoons were brainstormed around the real-life adventures of the sibling duo, their darling sibling cats Lucia & Tassos, and the real-life doggie friends they made and encountered.  

Gilbert was so inspired by the cartoon series that he decided to adopt his own dog Brandy, who herself became part of the cartoon gang and grew up along the way from being Stanley and Wanda’s puppy niece, to Wanda’s high jinks accomplice in the world of female doggie power.  

An inspiration to all.