Colour Me Pawfect

One of the main inspirations for Stanley Barkz has been all the beautiful colours of the Mediterranean. 

Based out of the island of Cyprus, Stanley Barkz offers a colourful array of products to brighten up any fur baby and fur parent’s day. 

Dress both cats and dogs up in all sorts of gorgeous colours that reflect the beautiful hues of the region.

Of course, our pet children look fantastic in any colour. Yet ginger lady cats look particularly fetching in pinks and fuchsias. Tricoloured dogs always look superb in reds. White or black cats and dogs stand out in a multitude of vivid colours. Caramel is best reserved for black (possibly brown) cats and dogs.   

Always make sure that a cat collar has a fast open side release. Vets no longer recommend elastic cat collars, especially ones with no side release, as cats can get their paws stuck in them, which can lead to serious injury.   

To ensure your cat keeps their collar on, it’s best to train them from a young age to wear one. The rule is, the lighter the collar weight the better, which is why we have created an UBER light range. Of course, leather collars, are always the cat’s cream.  

For a dog, if you have one of those magicians that can get out of any harness you’ve tried, do not despair, the Wanda Harness is your answer. Tried and tested on our very own Wanda, this style of harness is the answer to your prayers and comes in an assortment of gorgeous colours.  

In a world of grey, we offer rainbows.