how Stanley barkz
was born...

It’s an incredible thing what a bond over the love for pets can do. Love and pure devotion for pets mixed up with a relentless sense of fashion and elegance is precisely the foundation on which STANLEY BARKZ was built.

A single mother of two, Tracy combined her prior experience in the apparel industry with her passion for pets and developed a small home-based pet apparel and grooming business to make ends meet. She owns Tequila, her faithful boy Jack Russel, and Franky, her cute mini – can’t say it enough – mini! girl Dachshund.

Carla, a clinical psychotherapist with experience in private practice and hospital settings, channeled her love for kids into a powerful bond with her two beagles, Stanley and Wanda, and Lucia, a rescued stray cat. They are her pride and joy and you will often hear her say: “You make mommy so proud!”

Carla and Tracy met after Wanda, Carla’s beagle, developed severe grooming anxiety following a traumatizing experience. Tracy, a professional and loving groomer, helped Wanda get over her trauma by patiently turning the grooming into a happy experience. With time, Carla and Tracy found themselves connecting deeply over the same passions for pets and fashion. And an exceptional journey began.


STANLEY BARKZ is a luxury fashion brand for dogs and cats who’s mission is to spoil, comfort and pamper your pet.

Every product is carefully crafted based on quality fabrics without compromising on practicality and design.

STANLEY BARKZ’s vision is to provide quality products shaped into statement-pieces to fit your lifestyle standards, while turning these little bundles of joy into furry fashionistas.

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